My husband is narrow-minded and boring

One thing I have realized after 10 years of marriage is that it’s not about getting to know the other person better, it’s about getting to know yourself better. I’m 37 years old. In my mind, I’m not that old. I work with a lot of people recently out of college and I don’t feel that much older than they are. Yet, I’m just really getting to know myself. The problem with that…it’s too late for what I want. If I could change things knowing what I do now know about myself, I would not have married my husband and I would not have children. I definitely would not be living on the east coast. At least not for a very long time.

Now I have real responsibilities – a home, a family, children. And I feel stuck. My girls are entertaining, sweet and funny. But I have no patience for them. I want my time. Selfish? Absolutely. But, had I known this before I had kids , I wouldn’t have had them. How can you know until you’re in the situation?

I want to do so much more with my life. There really isn’t much I wouldn’t try to experience. My husband, on the otherhand, is not that open minded. And rather than just accepting that, it irritates the shit out me. I don’t respect somone not willing to try new things. I think that’s boring. So what am I supposed to do with a husband I find boring?

Ultimately, there’s no time for much more than working and the day to day stuff. I guess I just wish I had time to figure it all out before I committed to something. It takes a long time to figure out who you are. I’m still not sure.

My husband is narrow-minded and boring

2 thoughts on “My husband is narrow-minded and boring

  1. Bijal says:

    It took me only 3 years after my marriage to figure out what do i want? I also have a similar thought, why cant we have something like “rehearsal marriage” !!! That would solve so many problems right?

  2. Hi
    Thanks for sharing, its good to talk when u feel you cant talk to the persons in question.
    But time and patience heals everything, you are constantly changing and so are others. In five years youll be someone new and then ten years new again. In fact every year u become this new you. Its all constant change till death.
    No need to fight life just go with the flow see the positive in what you have and the negative in what you want this helps to bring unbias perspective xx

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